Sunday, August 23, 2015

World Lion Day at SFZoo - Zoo Visit 8.10.15 - Part One

I want to get back to posting in chronological order, but since my last post was in regard to Hunting, set off by the catalyst of Cecil the Lion's Murder, I thought I'd continue with this post.  

I woke up the morning of August 10th and at the last minute, decided to go to the Zoo.  In the wake of so much sadness about Lions, I needed to see my Precious Lion Friends, Amanzi, Sukari and Jahari, on World Lion Day.  I also knew no one at the Zoo would wish them on this Day. 

Well, the Zoo didn't disappoint.  There was no indication anywhere at the Zoo that this was a Species Awareness Day.  Much like when I visited on International Tiger Day.  Infact the Zoo has only recently done something for World Rhino Day and that was after years of doing nothing.  They do have a new-ish sign in regard to the plight of Elephants.  Great Awareness, but we don't even have Elephants.  Sadly the way the pick and choose which plights to highlight, seems to be a "keeping up with the Jones" situation.  There is no reason there was not an effort to Educate about Lions and as well two weeks before, Tigers.

The Zoo continues to tout Education, yet thousands of people pass through the gates each day and especially on days designated for Awareness, one would think that some words about the plight of these Species would be posted or talked about.  What exactly is the Education they think they are putting forth?  So many illusions of grandeur in the minds of the Zoo Management.

There should have been Volunteers, Docents, Keepers, someone, posted at the Exhibit, educating Visitors about not only our Lions, but the plight of their Species.  The Lions should have had Special Enrichment.  There just should have been something, and per usual there was not.

With the recent tragedy of Cecil the Lion making international News, not alerting and Educating each Visitor about the plight of Lions being Hunted, is not only a waste in getting the word out, but a real shame.

I pulled these two Awareness efforts, one from the Oakland Zoo and one from South Africa.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

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