Sunday, August 23, 2015

Zoo Visit 5.7.15 - Where's Gauahti? , Chimps Get no Love, Food Depot update, ...

Going back in time.  ... Returning to the chronological order of my posts in draft. ...

Some might wonder, why do I bother, since I'm so behind.  I bother because I have proven to be the only one who is not on Zoo Staff (and even that is not a given), who is observant to what is going on at the Zoo.  I care about the Zoo Animals and therefore I care about the Zoo being the best it can be. Out of that caring comes the need to express what I see as not right.  I feel that documenting everything, is the best way to do right by the Animals.  As well, it has on occasion proven to get a few things turned around. 

A follow-up from a previous Visit post in regard to the new dining area, The Depot.   Honestly couldn't believe that signs in regard to my concerns about the Corn Dog sticks, was put up.  Not the wording I suggested, which would be more ideal in just plainly getting the message across. Not the location I suggested either, which was at the register and having either the cook or cashier verbally repeat it.  Putting it on the garbage can assumes its getting to the garbage can, so that really does nothing for the issue.

Nothing new at Chimps :(   No upgrades in sight.  

What is in Cobby's sight is paint still peeling on his home.
Shame on Zoo for still not showing this building some love.
Still not showing the Chimps some Love.

 Chimp Enrichment.  Just saying.

A confusing attempt to trim the plant to expose the signage.

Lots of issues with the Tropical Aviary project.  But, I think seeing all the huge signs pimping the Animals, especially the Sloth, bothers me most.  They almost allegedly froze that poor Animal to death by neglecting to fix the Lion House heater for over six months.

The always curious question, why isn't there a barrier rope or something across the train tracks when the train isn't running?  I've seen people in there a few times.  ... Looks like another stake about to bite the dust.  There are a handful around the grounds that need attention.  Why the just remain falling or fallen is beyond me.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

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