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Zoo Visit 5.13.15 - Update on Gauhati, Spying on Sculpture Garden, Farm Renovation, ....

Starting with an update to my previous post, wondering what's going on with Gauhati.  This is the third week he has been off exhibit.  Now there is a sign.  

Granted many Zoo Staff talk to me begrudgingly, if given the opportunity I will still ask questions. The past couple weeks there was no one around to seek answers about Gauhati.  Right after I saw this sign, I saw the head Vet Dr Graham approaching.  I have spoken to him only a couple times before, but that was before I became public enemy number one in 2011.  So, when I made an effort to stop him, he looked at me like deer in the headlights.  I asked, if Gauhati was okay.  He stuttered in answering, "He's fine".  I said, "Well, he's been off exhibit three weeks, and now there is a sign". He then answered, "I don't know".  I said, "Huh.  You're the Vet and you don't know.  Ok."  and I moved on.  I know that Staff is on gag order not to talk to me, especially after the Chimp Crusade.  BUT here's the thing.  I'm a Member/Visitor, my questions must be answered like anyone else.  AND this is the Head Vet and his answer is HE DOESN'T KNOW!!! About and Animals Health?  Why does he have this job?  AND if this is his attempt at following the gag order, to him and to the rest of the Staff I must note, I am the wrong person to deflect and lie to, because I'm just going to write about you. Additionally, do these people really want me to again dredge up all the curious deaths and other Animal issues past and present?  I think not. ... Moving on, I then saw one of the Vet Techs who has given me answers in the past.  As she biked passed I asked, "How's Gauahti?"  I barely got an answer and I think its was "Ok".  So now this has become sort of a game for me, that I decided to ask anyone who came in my view.  I mean seriously, this is an Animal who has been off exhibit for three weeks and this is what they say?  So next up to bat is Visitor Experience guy Bob Cooney.  I asked him the same thing.  He paused and thought. Was silent and then said, "I don't have the right answer, so I won't answer".  I had to laugh.  I said, "So you don't have the PR words for me, so you have nothing".  He smiled in agreement and rode off.  I yelled back, "So much for my Visitor Experience!".  .. So alas no one could give me an answer as to what was wrong with Gauhati.  

Update:  Gauhati was off exhibit another week, but I did talk to someone who told me, he was having tummy issues.  Initially worrisome, but then after medication he was doing much better.  They never found the cause of it.  ... I was very happy to see him the following week.  Glad he's feeling better!

Both Chimp Grottos in use, North and Middle.  Enrichment looks pretty non-existent.  They got a bit of their regular browse, but their daily exhibit space is barren of anything to stimulate their minds for the day.

Took a peek at the construction for the Sculpture Garden.  Is that an Ant Mound I spy?  ... After seeing such fabrications in the Anteater's home, I have posted on this blog and on my Chimp blog, that the Chimps would love an Ant Mound for twigging.  Did they ever get one?  NO!  

The Children's Zoo closed both the Duck Ponds several months ago.  The one in the Family Farm has been converted to to more corals to use for Animal rotation.  One with substrate and the other will be grass.  Many new rotating areas for the Farm Animals.  Great additions.  I only wish they were around when my Friend Wakoda (Sheep) was still alive.  Yes, he like Wishbone (Andean Bear) is one of the Animals whose disrespect I'll never let go of.  I tried to get them to rotate Wakoda to other areas to Enrich his life, but no one was interested.  He lived in one stall his whole life, with not even a howdy fence to see other Animals. Shameful and Heartbreaking.

If anything you read moves you,
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Tanya Peterson

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