Monday, August 31, 2015

Zoo Director's Trip to Borneo - Hypocrite, Conservationist or Conniver?

When I was at the Zoo on World Lion Day, I heard mention of this.  Not long after a friend sent me the Zoo's Animail Newsletter, which I've taken this screen-cap from.  

My thoughts, may be food for yours.

First, in relation to my last post about the Zoo not only holding an Event with Palm Oil users KIND Bars, but also distributing Palm Oil filled Candy at their Halloween events.  ... What are we to believe about the Zoo's position on Palm Oil?  Is this just more "keeping up with the Jones" of the Zoo world?   Is it just a way for the Director and Curator MacDonald to get a free vacation?

Is the San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson's goal with this to propel her underlying agenda to bring in Orangutan's?  

* We know that Peterson allegedly, was ready to sign off and ship off our Chimpanzee's, with the notion of bringing in Orangutans.  That plan was foiled by the rain of public outcry via the Media attention my Crusade for Our Chimps got.

* We know that the Million Dollar Donation for the Chimp upgrade, was noted by Director Peterson to be from a Donor who wants Orangutans.

* We know that all Future Exhibit plans list Orangutans as part of the plan.

Who paid for this trip?  ... I was told funds may have come from a Donor.  Could that Donor be the same one who wants Orangutans brought here?

Will Zoo Director Peterson forge ahead with plans to bring in Orangutans, at the Chimps expense?

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