Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Petition! - San Francisco Zoo - STOP Doing for New Animals & DO For The Chimps As Promised!

I started this Petition about the Chimps Situation.  Please Sign, Share, Tweet.  Be a Voice for Our Precious Chimps.  Help them get what they were Promised!  Thank you!

Six Months ago, San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson, Promised to Keep the Zoo's Three Senior Chimpanzees at the SFZoo, the only home they have ever known. That Promise included an Upgrade/Expansion to their current home (while waiting for funding for a New Exhibit). This would allow not only extra space for them, but an additional holding area to eventually bring in more Chimps to add to their Group size, which is a future Key Factor in Securing them a Forever Home at the SFZoo.

Since this announcement, under Peterson's direction, the SFZoo has committed to Acquiring a New Animal (and allegedly others), the Sifaka Lemur. This New Acquisition will require a New Exhibit to be built. This Exhibit is moving toward constructionBEFORE the Chimps!!!   The opening projected for Spring 2016.

Like the past Eighteen Years, the Chimpanzee's Needs have been back-burned. Their Need was acknowledged by Director Peterson in February, as Immediate, Yet they have been Denied Immediate Action. The projected completion of their Expansion is Fall 2016. Nineteen Months after being Promised.

Why is their situation Time Sensitive? If their Group Size reduced, and there was not available space to bring in more Chimps, the Two Surviving Chimps would be Vulnerable to still being Shipped Out. They must have available space, either in the Expansion or a New Exhibit, before their Group reduces to Two. I hate even talking about that, but those are the facts. 

Their need was immediate when they were Four. Now with Three, they desperately need to create a Social Group with different generations, in order to not end up as Two or One.

I outlined their situation in detail on my previous Petition (and my blog linked below)

This is a Call to Action for the San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson to: 

*Halt Any Plan to Acquire New Animals that would Require New Exhibits to be built, with the exception of Rescue Animals in Dire need.

*Defer Construction of Sifaka Lemur Exhibit, until After Chimpanzee Upgrade is Complete. Ideally, until After all Current In Need Animals are Attended to. The Komodo Dragon the Next In Need.

*Escalate Fundraising for New Chimpanzee Home, as Promised.

By signing this petition, I hope we can shine light on this situation and Stop The San Francisco Zoo from Acquiring New AnimalsUntil They Take Care of the Animals Already there. The Chimps Are Not The Only Ones In Need. Please Sign, Share and Help Our Chimps Be a Priority!

Thank you ... 
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