Monday, September 14, 2015

Crackle the Disrespected Capybara

My Weekly Visit posts that I'm months behind on, include a photo near each time, of poor little Crackle. This guy came to the Zoo to be a companion to our now passed Female.  Turned out they didn't like each other so Crackle lived alone on the Puente.  He was chased by the Rheas and Guanacos from the get go.  He took refuge down in this ditch that borders the Visitor walk way above. I've posted about this before, which included a video:

That was a year ago.  So, for a year, this poor Animal has been living in fear.  Everyday he is let out on exhibit and has nothing else to do but run to his safe spot.  Huddled against the wall, the farthest he can get.  You noticed in the above video that a "creep" area was created, by lining up tree branches. That's the least that could be done, until a better situation could be created.  Well, a year later the only change in his situation came only a couple weeks ago, when the "creep" line has been moved back a few feet and a doorway added.  You can see here, the other day, he was resting ok away from the wall, but a Guanaco was stalking him, until he got up from his peaceful position.

A couple times over the past month, I have seen him out, but that has only been when the Guanaco's or at least one,  have been kept in the back.  I don't think its right that for the most part, he is left to seek refuge on a daily basis.  There doesn't seem any reason why further steps to create a better living situation for him can't be taken.  I have made a video showing that it is possible.  An unused area within the Puente can be fixed up for him, that should also include a pool and doorway that only he can fit through.  SFZoo Make it happen!  ... As well, he needs a Companion.

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  1. I feel bad for poor little Crackle. Why can't he be moved to the area Walter used to be in? (at least until a better spot for him is found). Please zoo, do the right thing. This precious animal should not live in fear every day.

  2. Poor Crackle. Frequent visitors to the zoo know Crackle and see how often he is hiding in one of a few spots. I cannot recall ever seeing him out and about. He should be grazing and wandering and swimming, not hiding in the corner. Please, SF Zoo, help Crackle find a safe and fun place to live.


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