Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday April 16, 2012 - Happy Birthday Rigel!

Apologies to Sir Rigel for not posting his Birthday post timely.  With the event of last week, I have been quiet and haven't caught up.  ...  You know I love you Rige!

Happy Birthday Rigel!

 Gorgeous Birthday Boy!

 Jahari Saying Hello :)

 Greeting Gauhati :)


  1. I love Rigel. Its been a couple tough months. I love you sir rigel so happy birthday and many many more.

  2. @lee- thankx for your comment :) it has been a tough few months :( rigel understands :) yes many more! maybe next year you will have a celebration for your 18th bday!

  3. Sir Rigel is precious and special..... handsome boy!!!

  4. @Lee- He is! I haven't seen his face in three visits. These photos were the last time. Its been over a week. AND I don't think I've seen Niya out in a couple months?


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