Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuesday April 24, 2012 - Happy Birthday Chimp Girls!

According to the Zoo's own Animal List, the Chimp Girls Birthdays are all listed as today April 24th!  Some of the Animals birthdates are estimated like this one, because they came from the wild.  The dates are often based on when they arrived at the Zoo and the year give or take a couple in regard to estimated ages.  ... Of course there was no Zoo celebration :(  for these wonderful girls, all of whom have lived at the Zoo for over forty years!   but, I was there wearing my fancy pin and singing Happy Birthday to them :)  XO!

 Happy Birthday Tallulah (57)!

 Happy Birthday Minnie (49)!
Happy Birthday Maggie (49)!

 I feel horrible for Elly.  Since the passing of her companion Gene, she has shown her grief visibly as I often see her with her head down on the ground and almost every visit I see her like this, looking to his area probably hoping to see him.  From my perspective the humane thing to do would be to run a bamboo fencing along his area so she doesn't just stare there, but instead they have now hung her browse there, forcing her to stand there and stare into his area.  UG <head shake>  I didn't see her even eat the browse, she just stared thru it.  top photo time stamped at 12:23p, bottom at 1:04p

Howler Monkey juveniles playing in a burlap sack:)

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