Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday April 7, 2012 - It was Easter weekend, wasn't it?

Well, for it being Easter weekend, a Zoo Easter event going on, and a ton of people, unless you saw me, you wouldn't know it was Easter.  Granted it was the day before, I doubt the place got anymore festive today (Easter Day).  It was uneventful photo wise, except I did take a snap of what I guess was supposed to be an Easter enrichment toy for Ulu???  I had seen over the past couple days some wonderful Easter themed Enrichment toys from other Zoo's, unfortunately none were seen here.  For SFZoo Easter fun provided by my friend Lee and I in 2010, check out this link   


Happy Easter Ulu! (2010)

Last but on the fore front of my mind,  the festiveness of my hat was just that.  Before even getting thru the gate,  we heard that our precious Paddy (Female Sumatran Tiger Padang) wasn't well and then saw the sign noting the Lion House was closed.  She has had some limb scrapes the past couple weeks and not knowing what was going on with her in the LH put a damper on the visit.  Hopefully they were just cleaning her wounds and she will be back in action tomorrow when I go to check on her.  Say a prayer for this sweet girl :)  Love you Paddy!

Padang picking her first bunny!
Happy Easter Paddy! (2010)


  1. I miss Paddy so much.... I am so honored to have been able to give her gifts. She loved her bunnies. This graceful and gorgeous cat is missed by me every single day. I love you Paddy!!!

  2. One of the funniest visits at the zoo was when Ulu got my bunny. She was having a ball and I got a special Ulu thank you from her!!! I will see you soon Uls!!!!!

  3. @Lee- Thankx for the comments- Yes, being able to see the Zoo Friends play with something we made or bought we very special, not only for us but for them. Those Bunny stuffies you got were great! They loved them! And remember I recently saw Pike playing with one in the pool! Four Bunnies went along way for fun for four different friends. Tony had one too!


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