Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet the Sheeps!

I spent some extended time with my Barnyard Friends
last week, and caught
this precious moment with Hazel, the female Jacob Sheep

 Hermosa came over to see what Hazel was doing :)  
I wish I had gotten a pic of them from the front
would have been soooo cute!

 Hazel laughed :)

 Then she looked at the Duck pond :)
It was cute.  She could go around up to the pond
but chose to gaze at them from there :)

 One eye on the Ducks and one on me :)

 Hi Hazel! I love watching you :)

More Duck watching :)
It was  very sweet :)

The Barbados Girls 

Hermosa :)

 Balboa :)

Marina :)

There are three types of Sheep on the Farm,
Jacob, Barbados and Navajo Churro.  
All the Goats are Nigerian Dwarf.  


  1. I had an interesting experience at the KC Zoo involving a sheep that people thought was stuck in the fence. It rocked back and forth and some guy pushed it out but it came back into the fence and rocked some more. It was itching on the fence rails! It must have been a favourite spot because the wood was worn smooth at the very spot where the sheep was "stuck".

  2. @Bill- Thankx for the comment! Fun story :) I love the Sheep! They are characters I think and I love that. Very individual. What kind of Sheep was it? Sounds very cute, did you get pix? That would have been a great video!

    1. Not sure what type of sheep they are but they are getting fairly large with wool. I wish I would have gotten some video of it because its face was very cute. That was sort of the way I knew it was itching and not stuck. It had this "gotta get that itch" face.

  3. @Bill- Our Sheeps get sheared in May, you should ask your Zoo when it happens, something you might want to see :) Its kinda rough I think, but necessary and I'm sure it feels good after!

  4. @Biil- For you and all the other Sheep fans, here's a link to my photos from my first Shear Day experience. Haven't looked at this in quite awhile, gosh they are so cute! lol :)

  5. I absolutely love the barnyard friends. It's so far removed from the dirty politics of the regular zoo. These photos are adorable!!! You can't help but be happy when you visit these characters. More photos!!!!!

  6. Oh yeah, its got to be getting close to when they are going to shear the sheep at KC Zoo because the scratching sheep was as big as the images in your shearing pictures. Thanks for the pictures!

  7. @Lee- Thank you for commenting. Gosh yes those barnyarders are precious! They are such characters and fun to watch and visit with. You are right about it being far removed, it almost feels like a different place. ... Thankx for enjoying the photos!

  8. @Bill- Yea, they do get pretty wooly! They always do it here in May, and with the weather in other parts of the country with even hotter summers i'm sure its got to be soon. ... Glad you enjoyed the photos!


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