Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuesday April 3, 2012

We went to the Zoo today with the aim to hear the lecture, but didn't get to it.  A few thoughts on the lecture tho.  SO, the Zoo hosts a lecture about Bear Conservation.   Ironic since the Zoo seems to care-less about creating a natural habitat for its Bears to live in.  Leaving the Andean Bear Wishbone living exclusively on concrete for four years straight and a majority of his 25 year life this way as well.  Recently dying having not felt grass under his feet for over 1400 days.  

the act of conserving;  prevention of injury, decay, waste,or loss; preservation: conservation of wildlife; conservation ofhuman rights.
official supervision of rivers, forests, and other naturalresources in order to preserve and protect them throughprudent management.

Last night I read a tweet by the head of the Zoo Docents "Learning about Bear Conservation challenges in India."    What about the challenges of the Bears that live in our Zoo?  

Moving on...

Mama Wallaby w/ baby sticking its head out of pouch :)
See an earlier video of the baby moving about within the pouch :)

Sun Worshiper!

Courtship :)


Kachina enjoying her bone and footies!

Peccarry tres!

Precious Walter :)


  1. Gorgeous photos of all our zoo friends!!! God bless animals for always making the best of it. I saw the tweet in regards to the concern for bears in India. Our poor bears are so disrespected. I am all for helping animals all over the world but first, let's start with our own backyard. (our sf zoo). The tweet reminded me of the ignorant Americans that go all over to help other countries when we should be helping out own. I am also reminded that just because an animal is used to living on concrete, doesnt make it right. (just as an abused child is used to it, doesnt make it right). Thank you for posting the adorable photos...all were cute. Now, let's hope that the zoo can focus on THE ZOO.All animals should be able to feel grass beneath their feet.

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I remember that disrespectful quote about the Bears "Its what they are used to" made by the former Zoo VP Bob Jenkins. This is the mentality of the Zoo Management Staff. Its not only disrespectful, its disgusting. ... As for feeling grass under foot, let's hope the Zoo is on target for creating a new home for Inti the Bobcat, who has lived in a large sized cage area in the ARC for his ten year life. Its supposed to be done in May, yet I see no netting up in the enclosure.


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