Monday, September 14, 2015

Amazing Amanzi Deserves Respect. - Attn SFZoo, Please Educate!

While on the Subject of Our Wonderful Lions, this has been bothering me for several weeks. Everyone who reads my posts, knows I've been trying to catch up in chronological order, but at this point, I'm so far behind, I have to just put things down as they flow or come to me.

About six months ago, I started noticing Our Amanzi getting very fluffy around the collar.  I would say to her, "Manzi, you are growing such a beautiful shawl!"    I was told it was probably due to hormone changes with aging.  Our Lovely Lady turned 18 this year!  As the months have gone on, her fluff has continued to grow, looking much like a mane in training :)

Sister Lions, taken in Feb 2015
you can see Manzi's bit of fluff starting :)

The last month or so,  I have been hearing Visitors refer to her as a "Boy".  This really hurts me. Amanzi has always been one of the most stunning Female Lions I've ever seen.  While yes, her "mane" is making her look like a Juvenile Male, her Femininity should not be Disrespected.  

Again, for a facility that claims to Educate, for the most part they do no such thing.  In this instance, a sign should be put up noting that Our Pride consists of Three Adults, Two Female and One Male, and our Newborn Cub.  Noting that, With age Our 18 year old Female has started to develop "mane" like growth. 

Instead, the Zoo has chosen to say nothing.  They have even posted two photos last week (in lieu of posting about the Cub?) and with both, there were comments about Amanzi's Shawl, to which a Docent had to answer the questions.  Shame on the Zoo for not being more proactive to Educate about this unusual occurrence with Our Beautiful Lady.  People are obviously interested.

 screen-cap from 9.8.15

screen-cap from 9.12.15

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