Thursday, September 3, 2015

We Got Cub! - African Lion Sukari Gives Birth!

Got home last eve and the first thing I read via a google alert was that Sukari had her babie!  Sooo Happy for her!  Congratulations to Our Lion Family!  

The article noted that she had one Cub, born on Saturday and that she was nursing the Cub :)  I am tearing up again, as I did when I read that, because she never got to be a Mama to her other two Girls (born at the Tautphaus Park Zoo). They were both hand raised.  I don't know the circumstances, but I do find it curious that she had two litters and both surviving Cubs were hand raised.  So, with this birth, I am full of Joy that she will finally get to be a Mama <love>!  

Wish I had a photo handy of our three Lions together, but I don't.  I did have this Lovely photo on my Flickr.

The article said that the Keepers watched the birth via camera.  It would be Awesome if the Zoo made that Video available online, so those of us who care about Suki, as well as others who might be interested, can also view this Wonderful event.  Many Zoo's have live feed webcams, that you can watch births on.  Most recently the Giant Panda and the National Zoo.  So, it would be nice if the public could view this Video, as well as other early peeks!

Yay suki-licious!  Enjoy your Cubbie, I look forward to watching you be a Mama and the Beauty your babie will add to Our Pride, Papa Jahari and Auntie Amanzi!

Here's a link to the news article.  I didn't see mention of it anywhere else, not even on their Facebook page.

Update:  Just in (screencap) from the Zoo's Animail Newsletter!

LOVE!!!  I also love that they mention Our Precious Amanzi, who will not just be a quote "aunt"  but an actual Auntie, as she and Sukari and Half-Sisters :)  Yay, for Amanzi!  This is just a Joyous event all around!  Will be fun to watch Jahari be a Papa, since he thinks he's still a babie himself!  Good Times!

Thank you to the Zoo for putting this out.  Hope to see some video footage soon!

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  1. Congratulations Sukari !!! She's a beautiful lioness and will be a great Mommy. Congrats to the whole lion pride. (papa Jahari and aunt Amanzi). I look forward to meeting the new cub soon.


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