Monday, September 14, 2015

Attempt at Seeking Answers - re Chimp Upgrade and Fundraising

Below are screen-caps of an Email exchange that I had with the Zoo's VP of Philanthropy, Tim Wu, following the July Joint Zoo Meeting.

I had these in my blog folder and realize after reading them, they needed to be posted after my Joint Zoo Meeting - 7.23.15 post.  That didn't happen first time around, so good I'm doing this Repost, so it can all flow.  

I failed to remember to mention that I did ask (at that Meeting) how much had been raised for the Chimps in addition to the One Million Dollar Donation.  I was told, $1.5 Million was the total for the Chimps to date.

The details I was seeking are clear in the correspondence.  The last one is where it ends.  He would not answer any further.  

I am left to assume that aside from the Million donation, that the 500k are from the website based effort?  And that nothing except that one mention of the website donation page, on the Zoo's Facebook, is the only effort that has been made for the Chimps.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

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