Monday, September 14, 2015

Finally! Hercules Gets A Proper Home!

Well, THIS wonderful sight, has been along time coming!  For the past couple months, I've been going by this enclosure, hoping to see Hercules in it and Thursday was my Lucky Day!  So Happy for Herc!

the video!
I wrote about this disrespect two years ago. 

For years, this huge Bird has been living in a cage that just barely meets requirements for his size. He could never free fly, only hop from top to bottom. His needs like other current Residents have been disregarded by Management, in favor of bringing in new Animals and building homes for them. While expanding his previous home, wouldn't have taken much.  The space was cleared out two years ago, as some hoped an expansion would happen.  I heard those in Animal Staff were allegedly told they could do it, if they paid for it themselves!

The recent turn of events, that sent the poor Southern Ground Hornbills packing to Florida, allowed for Hercules to move into their old home adjacent to the Komodo Dragon.    I am so happy for him, but it also would have been great if the Zoo would have kept all the Hornbill Species they had.  In addition to Hercules, a Great Hornbill, we also have a pair of Wrinkled Hornbills.  They are all wonderful and interesting Birds. ... Finding a place to build another free flight area would have been a great thing to do.  Even utilizing the area attached to the Tropical Aviary, instead of putting in yet another "play" inspired area for Kid.

This all said, I hear the plan is to move the Wrinkles to Herc's old home.  WTH?  The Wrinkles have a nice expanded area, that allows them flight.  Its already been established Herc's old area is not sufficient for that and I do not hear of any plans to expand it.  

Anyway, stop by and see Hercules enjoying his new home!  He really seems to love it and was all over the place while I was there. :)  They did a good job with perches.  I would love to see some kind of tree in there.  I saw this photo of Our Winnie in her new home, in a tree!  Looks like a great addition to a habitat.  

screen-capped from 
White Oak Conservation Facebook Page
Check in with Wilbur and Winnie 
at their new home

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