Monday, September 14, 2015

San Francisco Zoo Lion Cub Update! - Can We Get One?!

Again we have a birth, much like with the last Tiger and Gorilla babies, where we don't get any updates.  Why?   

Our Lion Cub was born two weeks ago yesterday.  Happy Two Week Birthday Little One!  So far, we have only been given one update, shown one photo.  That was three days after its birth.  This is a Joyous occasion, why aren't those of us who care, allowed to be a part of this event?   The only photo to be released is this one below, screen-capped from the Zoo's Facebook Page.  

The News article noted that the Staff watched the birth via video cam from the Den Box.  There are definitely additional photos, as well as video.  Why can't they be shared?  I for one would like to see a photo of the Cub with its Mother, as opposed to just lying solo on a piece of wood.  

Hoping to see something of the Cub soon.  As well, getting with technology, why doesn't the Zoo do webcam's?  They did set-up a live stream for both the Tiger and Gorilla babies, hoping they will do that at some point soon.  

Until we see some photos and video of Our Cub, here's some from other Zoo's, who don't have a problem sharing their good news.

Cubs at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
(these are our Cubbies Cousins)
video just after they were born:

Mama and Cubs at Columbus Zoo

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