Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday February 18, 2012 - Ostrich feeding!

Today we were scheduled to go to an event called Donkeys and Donuts, but that was cancelled due to low attendance :(  Who wouldn't want to have Donuts with Donkeys?   Anyway, we were given the option to switch it out for the weekly (Sat AM) Early Bird Tour, which included feed the Ostriches!  We have been lucky to feed some of our great Zoo friends in the past,  Goober the Bairds Tapir (met my Goob twice!), Ulu the Polar Bear, Giraffes, so adding the Ostriches to those great experiences was a cool opportunity.  I had no idea they let people feed them!   They seemed to like meeting folks and came out, one lady at a time doing a morning greeting dance :)

 Grant greeting us!

 Three ladies, Grant, Timmy and Sally 
(order of how they came out)

 Neck feathers are incredible up this close!  Like fur :)

Capture of the day!

Me and Miss Ostrich!

Lee and Miss Ostrich!

My fancy Ostrich pin for the occasion!

You can view a video clip of the greeting dance here:
the Gorilla Troop as they descend into their grotto in the morning :)

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