Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday February 22, 2012 - Easter Polar Bunny Water Ballet!

Lucky me :)  As I walked up to see Pike, she was having a good ol' time in her pool with her Easter Bunny!  How did I know this was an Easter Bunny?  For Easter 2010 my friend Lee brought four Easter Bunny stuffies to the Zoo for Ulu (Polar Bear), Padang (Sumatran Tiger) and Tony (Siberian Tiger). This was one of them.  (I also saw the another in the meadow for Ulu and one in Padang's bed :)   At that point those were our three Zoo friends who we knew liked the stuffies :)   I've never seen Pike with one, but now we know!  She lovzes them!  ... Before the Carnivore (mainly Bears and Cats) Curator manifested a personal aversion to both Lee and I, we were happily (and honored) doing fun things for the Animals, which included making Enrichment Toys ( and bringing stuffies, blankets, pillows and other items for fun and comfort.   Then she single handedly put a stop to the Animals fun.  Very sad as we were the only ones who were making them toys on a weekly basis, even though they have a paid staff person who is supposed to do this.  Over a year since our last effort, only on a few holiday events have the Animals gotten Enrichment Toys.  :(  ...  There isn't an outting to Target or Michaels craft store that I don't see things that would be fun for our Zoo friends.  If priorities and not personalities were the norm among management level Zoo staff, more of the Animals would be having fun most everyday, like Pike did today.  All it took to bring this joy, was a Bunny that cost ten bucks. 

My battery was running out but I caught a very short clip of the fun on video:

you can also view photos of ulu with her easter bunny from 2010


  1. I love the second picture where the polar bear seems o be smiling at the edge of the pool with the bunny!

    1. Hi Bill! Thank you for your comment! Yes! she is smiling and did this a few times! She would bring the Bunny to the edge and then toss it back over her head and flop backward into the water. She was having so much fun! After she was done she brought it out of the water with her and put it down where she then planted herself for a nap, laying her footie on top of part of it :) Soooo cute!


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