Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day!

I didn't go to the Zoo today, but I hope all the friends were given some kind of fun Valentine treat!

I was home with my Valentine Kitten, but remembered last Valentine's Day.

Last year, unbeknownst to me the San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson and her cohorts, had already made the move to revoke my Membership based on severe untruths and other petty nonsense.  Both my friend Lee and I received refund checks (no explanation at the time, see for full details) for our Membership's dated February 14th.  That same day I was at the Zoo, bringing Valentines to my Goober (Bairds Tapir) and the Big Cats.  I thought it would add a nice festiveness to the Lion House.

 Amanzi watches as the Keeper puts her Valentine up!

 Amanzi with her and Jahari's Valentines :)

Padang settling in for a nap in her Valentine adorned bedroom :)

Even the Fishing Cats got Valentines!


  1. Awwww, these are my kind of Valentines. Someone was at work yesterday passing out Valentines Day flowers and I remarked that my Valentine would probably like to EAT the flowers!

  2. Bill! Thank you again for you comment! I tried to comment right after you left this and it wouldn't let me. I too love the simpleness of the lace like doily. Its classic. They did look pretty there. ... Funny about your Valentine :)


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