Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RIP my precious Friends ...

You will be forever loved
   You will be forever missed ...




Note:   There were major errors in the Zoo's Press Release for the passing of Gene.  For more information, please read my blog post:

Just four days later we have now lost another precious friend....


I made a Memorial video for each friend.

For some time I have wanted to use my many photos of my precious Zoo Friends to make each one a video montage.  As of yesterday, I have lost four Zoo friends in 5 weeks.  Its heartbreaking.  As I look for photos I shed many tears.  I didn't think I'd be making Memorial videos, but when I saw some news photo's of Gene (Black Rhino) and they weren't even him, I needed to.  Here's my tribute to these amazing beings.

RIP Tunya, Bubsy, Mashaki/Gene, Orkney and Wishbone  XO.






And this past Monday we lost yet another precious friend, 

Wishbone.  RIP my sweet boy Bear.  XO

I am having a hard time with this, so it may be a bit on Wishy's tribute video
(done and link is above with others), but he will have one!
Please read my final post on my blog dedicated to him

Thank you to all who love these Zoo friends.


  1. Thanks so much, as usual, for the virtual zoo visit. Your photos are so expressive.

  2. @Anonymous- Thank you for the comment and enjoying my photos, I'm glad to share them and the information I know about these wonderful Animals. .. Check back tomorrow for a new post, I hope to get up my photos from yesterday, you will love the Chimp ones :) Expressive indeed!

  3. @Anonymous- Please keep checking on post updates. Sorry, I did plan to post those photos, but as you can see, losing yet another friend has pushed that back.


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