Monday, April 1, 2013

Hallelujah! The Chimps Got Easter Enrichment Toys!

Unbelievable!  Yet so exciting!  I nearly shed tears of joy seeing the photo of Minnie holding her Mache Egg!   Photo was posted to the Zoo's Facebook page, follow the link below to check it out.

Whoever made this happen, the Chimps thank you!

Now, can we get the Girls a Birthday celebration?!

UPDATE 4.3.13  .... Three days later and there has been no answer to my question of which other Animals got Easter Enrichment.  No additional photos posted either.  Did the Easter Bunny visit other Animals?


  1. not much to say about this except it's great to see. And I too would like to see photos of the other animals getting special treats.

    1. @Anonymous- Thank you for your comment. It is great. I heard that allegedly the Lions got something but for a special event that took place in the Lion House and the small Monkeys got Easter Eggs. But I haven't seen any pix posted.

  2. hallelujah is right! sure hope the bunny was able to visit more animals!

    1. @hazel- Thank you for your comment. I know right?! lol! ... As I posted in reply above, I heard that there were allegedly some treats for the Monkeys, and Lions in private, but no evidence by way of photos. You'd think with all the blogging I do about this they would want to get photos of everything and post them lol!


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