Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RIP Milky Way - Nigerian Dwarf Goat Passes

Forever Loved
Forever Missed

RIP Milky Way
Precious Sweet Little Boy
You were a Special Friend XO

Today when I went to the Farm, I heard the news that we lost this Sweet Little Friend yesterday.  I hate hearing this kind of news when I'm there because I always start crying.  I am so sad about my Little Friend.  He was adorable.  He would hang out right next to you for hugs, sometimes walking with you.  Just Precious.  He was a spunky little thing, despite having some recent health issues he was always right up there front and center, butting for the treats :)   

You will be missed by many whose hearts you touched.
I love you Sweetheart.
You are daydreaming with your Papa now.


  1. sorry to hear Milky Way is gone. I love goats! How old was he, and who was his papa?

    1. @Anonymous- Thank you for your comment. I am behind in replies and as I scrolled down I paused at his photo and said "I can't believe he is gone. I keep thinking I'm going to see him strolling around." I really miss him. ... He was 11. His papa was Seamus. Thank you for asking :)

  2. My heart is broken and the tears are falling down my cheeks. I cannot imagine not seeing you there every week. You always greeted me in such a sweet way. That cute little stance when you saw me and butting me while I was buying the goats treats. No other goat would challenge and try to butt my walker cuz they thought the handlebars were horns. You are with your dad, Mr. Seamus now. You are not in pain anymore and you and Seamus are now hanging out and watching over the barnyard. I will greatly miss you little boy. My heart is broken in two precious boy. I love you and will always remember the wonderful visits to the family farm and seeing you. RIP precious Milky Way.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I too stil tear up. I try not to think too much about the lost friends being gone, but sometimes its hard not to. I wish I had a video of him butting the handlebars! I don't even think I ever saw it, just you talking about it. I really miss him. Loved that little guy :)

  3. It is very touching the way that something so small can reach people.

    1. @Michael Groob- Thank you for your comment and knowing the power of how much these precious little friends mean to me and to many. Animals are the sweetest of beings. There's nothing better than to surround yourself with them.


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