Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday YouTube!

Yesterday YouTube celebrated its 8th Birthday :)  Have to say, YouTube is one of the greatest forums on the Internet.  Not only for Sharing, but Learning and Laughing are among other wonderful things this site can bring you.

The first video ever uploaded to YouTube was called Me at the Zoo, uploaded by one of the sites co-founders.  (Note that this article states its the San Francisco Zoo, but I have now also seen another article that says its the San Diego Zoo, which is more likely as this exhibit doesn't look familiar.)

I started my channel in 2009, to share videos (listed private) with friends of my new Kitten.  I now have 391 videos, with 33,871 views!  291 of the videos I've shared are of the San Francisco Zoo Friends.  You will find other Wildlife videos of Animal Friends who live at the Park and at CuriOdyssey
among other places.

My first Zoo Friend video, uploaded October 17, 2009 was of course of my Beloved Bairds Tapir Goober!  Its called "Goober Splish Splash"  featuring him playing in his pool, acting silly and goofy and having a wonderful time!  Basically being his cute, adorable self :)  I loved this guy and really miss him.  


My video with the most views (3,635) is called "the big cat nip" and was uploaded May, 22, 2010
It features Jahari the African Lion also acting silly and goofy while playing with Rhino scented hay.  

Check out my YouTube Channel
for the Most SFZoo Friend Videos on the Internet!

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