Friday, April 19, 2013

Photographing the Tiger Cub - More Zoo Fails

I was very bothered by actions while viewing the Tiger Cub yesterday.   

At the upper level viewing area, the Zoo's volunteer pet photographer Marianne Hale was once again poised in the Bamboo planting that has been placed in front of the fencing portion.  I understand that as she is basically their "house" photographer and is documenting the Cub.

My issue is, when she left, these two guys then took her place.  The one guy only moved after I said something to him.

I initially heard that no one is supposed to be beyond the barrier, and certainly not in this area, at this grotto, for what I assumed was the protection of the Cub.  Is that not what the plants were put there for?  Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that protecting the Cub is the priority?  

I asked a Docent and she said, "Marianne told them they could."    So, the curiousness and irresponsibility of THIS statement stands alone, I need not say more.  

I asked them if they were Media and they said, "No."   So I told them they shouldn't be there and the planting was there for a reason.   The one guy moved, the other ignored me.   The one who ignored me was whistling and making other noises at the Cub to try and get it to look.

Upon further investigation, both asking and overhearing, apparently the Zoo allows "photographers" to allegedly do as they want, and doesn't bother them.  That said. what are their guidelines for this?  Who enforces these guidelines if they are any to begin with?   Bottom line this is crap and with no one up there monitoring, it will become a literal Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Call to action San Francisco Zoo, put some signs up there pronto, saying that is an unauthorized viewing area.  No photography through fencing unless authorized.   Otherwise people will constantly be in the bushes and at the fencing, and putting the plants there will have been for nothing.

Also they have many "Meet the Cub" signs posted, with information and a few viewing guidelines.  The guideline portion of the signs are per usual for the Zoo and so small that they are probably missed by most.  Why is the Zoo so afraid to tell Visitors how to behave? 

The Zoo's sign with the Guideline info in smaller print than you are probably reading this post at.  Looks like point 9 font.

(photo to come)

This is what the sign should look like.  With large font noting quiet zone in addition to not bang on the glass.

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