Saturday, April 20, 2013

Signs Regarding Barrier Crossing = Curious

Well, I know the title says "signs" plural, but I couldn't find the other photos I took.  No worries this is a good one for the head scratchers out there, and there will be time for the others.

So as documented in many posts, Barrier Breaching at the Zoo is rampant, and signs Not To are near non-existent.  This puts the Animals at risk on a daily basis.  There are still no answers as to why this is.  With all the posting I do about this, as well the obvious issue it is, the Zoo continues to do near nothing and I say near, because as posted, they did put some small signs up at Black Rhinos.  Sadly they are so small that no one pays attention to them.

While I have admitted that signs are not the fix, they could help deter.  I have suggested other things but none have been implemented.

YET we have this, in front of a non-living Animal.  I get (as I've seen) that the Zoo does not want to be responsible for people climbing on this and falling.  

But, the sign here is bigger than that at the Black Rhino's AND forget about the exhibits that don't even have signs.

SO of course we have this 
& the question begs


  1. It doesn't look like the zoo has any Security people at all, and signs would at least give people who do care the right to point to signs and say please obey the signs to the offenders. It's unbelievable that with all the news about accidents at zoos people continue this behavior and the zoo doesn't do anything about it.

    1. @hazel- Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in reply. Know that your comments are always appreciated! ... It is unbelievable, yet here it the truth. They do have Security but they usually only have two on weekdays, I have only seem up to four and thats unusual. It does seem very curious that when you know AND they do, this kind of stuff is going on that no one there is horrified with the vision in front of them or of what could happen that they would make some changes to deter/prevent.


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