Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Zoo Friend Birthdays!

I try to post this as close to possible at beginning of the actual Month.  Sorry that I didn't get to it even close :(  ... Please check my other blog as I post them on the actual day almost always :)

6/1991 - Edna/ Chinese White Goose
9/2003 - Poppy/Nigerian Dwarf Goat
16/1994- Rigel/Snow Leopard
18/2013- Brooks and Shania/San Clemente Island Goat Twins
25/1969- Maggie/Chimpanzee 
25/1970- Minnie/Chimpanzee
(Chimp info taken from Studbook/differs from Zoo info)

You can see the individual Birthday announcements on my other blog 

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