Friday, May 16, 2014

Meet New Zoo Animals

Several new Residents have moved to the Zoo!  In addition to Kodari (now Tenzing :( so not confuse) the New Red Panda, this post will introduce you to three new boys, a Black Howler Monkey, a Keel-Billed Toucan, and a Linnaeus's Two Toed Sloth :)

I first saw the Toucan a few weeks ago and got so busy didn't get to posting its photo and an update on the enclosure its in.  A new enclosure was built in the Lion House to house Oliver the Green Anaconda and the Toucan, both who will eventually move into the Tropical Aviary when Phase Two construction is done (end of Summer?).   In my opinion this enclosure should have been bigger, so the Toucan had more room to fly around.  I thought it was going to be more of the length of the LH front wall, but instead its a small square off the Ladies Restroom.  I didn't calculate an estimate in size, but by memory seems its about 10x20 ish.  Disappointing, so I hope the Aviary is done on time and these Animals get into a larger home. 

What didn't disappoint was the Toucan.  So beautiful!  I had only seen one once before when it was for sale at a local Pet store :(.   When I saw him again yesterday he was very active and I took this vid clip, you can see how fast he moves!  He will be fun to watch!  He is also part of the Breeding Program and when a Female becomes available she will join him :)

Note to Zoo: Why is the price tag still on the plant?  Looks lame.  ... This reminds me of the laziness of not taking the stickers off the fruit that is given to the Animals whole.  

Keeping in chronological order, last Monday I saw the new Male Howler Monkey for the first time! Again, short on posting time, for this to be timely, BUT this was an awesome moment!  I was so happy to see him I teared up.  The Female, Baya has been alone since the passing of her Father Bosco.  The Howlers were a very close Family and it was heartbreaking to see her alone.  She lost her Mama last year, her Sister, then her Brother, were both sent to other Zoos, and then losing her Father. So sad.  So I have been anxiously waiting for this moment :)  So happy that Benjamin is finally here and Baya has a companion :)   At Five, she's a few years older than him (I've been told).  They have a breeding recommendation, so we could have little ones at some point :)  I think they like each other, he was vocalizing to her when I was there, as well I was told she has been flirty with him :)  .. So happy for you Little Miss Baya!  Welcome Benjamin!


Yesterday was filled with firsts.  For the first time (I can remember) I actually got a good look at Oliver's face!  What a Cutie!


The other and most exiting first yesterday was seeing the new Sloth!  Love Sloths and this was my first one in person :)  Beyond Cuteness!  I took some sweet video, although at first I wasn't sure this was a good use of battery time (considering how slow they move ;) but he did some cute things at a faster speed :)  I liked the part with him scratching his head.  He scratched his tummy first but I tried to get still pix and they didn't come out. The cutest thing he did repeatedly was tilt his head back, make eye contact and smile :)  Its ridiculous cuteness and I love it!   He too is set to get a companion once one becomes available.  ... He is sharing the enclosure with the Toucan and Anaconda, and will move into the Aviary as well.

Additional notes about the Sloths debut.  After seeing him, I spread the news to all the Staff I saw, "Did you see the Sloth?"  Everyone's response was, "No, I didn't know he was out."  Seriously?  Again WHY is everything such a secret there?  They don't even tell Staff what's going on.  UG!  ... As well, the Director was at the Sloth while I was there and I could hear someone ask her a few questions about him, and then a pause and someone else answered.  Once again, she apparently doesn't know anything about the Animals at the Zoo.  Shameful.

I also saw the Two new Pelicans, bringing the total of American White Pelicans to Five!  Lovely sight to see :) They were all hanging out together, but it seemed like there might still be some territorial issues to be worked out.  Also one of the new ones is a Female, and the others are all Male!   I took some video but its from far.  Will do another post about them soon.

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