Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rhino Gets Birthday Treats! - aka The Zoo Gave Gauhati Birthday Treats Can You Believe It?!

Wow, can the tides be turning at the Zoo?  Someone told me today that the Zoo posted about Gauhati's Birthday.  Unbelievable really, so I took a look see at their Facebook Page to see when they posted, and there was a post today. If you read my blogs then you know I LOVE the Zoo Friend Birthdays!  After years of blogging about the Disrespect of the lack of acknowledging the Animals Birthdays, Gauhati got some Special Treats!  I'm so happy for him!  Wish I could have seen it, but its all good, most important it that he got something to Celebrate him :)   

ScreenCap from Zoo FB Page

As I've also blogged about, People love this kind of stuff.  The amount of comments on their post, shows that.  Its been a missed opportunity for the Animals to be Celebrated, get Special Enrichment, and have People enjoy seeing them up and having some fun!

That said, why can't the Zoo Staff communicate with each other?  Keepers should tell the Social Media Staff that they are planning something and it should be posted, so that People can make a plan to visit. No reason why those who Love the Animals should miss special activities like this.

That said part two, I'm curious that this was posted today.  His Birthday was Sunday.  Since it was Holiday craziness, I went yesterday and sang to him.  Then today there's this post.  Maybe my blogging nudges them?  Maybe my mentions remind them?  Whatever it is that works for them to get with the program, I'm all for!  I always wait til the evening to post my Birthday Photos, just to see if there's a mention.  Most always there is not.  I say "most" because they did mention Erin's Birthday, but I figured it was because it was her First. It happened on the actual day, so it probably was. ... Still would be curious to know, When did this actually happen? Did it happen on his Birthday on Sunday?  OR later?  Doesn't matter to him, or to me really, because as long as IT happens at all in the days around the actual date, I'm just glad it happens BRAVO! 

You can keep up to date with all the Zoo Friend Birthdays (including Gauhati's and three happening this Saturday), as they happen on my other blog :)  Check in Saturday evening and see who had Birthdays!

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