Monday, May 5, 2014

Red Panda's Return to SFZoo

I for one can't wait to see this little fur ball of cuteness!  I Love Red Pandas!  A Friend told me the Zoo had Red Pandas many years ago.  Glad to see them back in the Collection. ... The official Debut is set for this Weekend.

According to the Acquisitions, the Zoo's new Ten Month Old Male Red Panda was born at the Sacramento Zoo.  Below are a couple links I found that show him at Seven Weeks and at Three/Half Months. 

The photo below is a screencap from this link: 

OMGosh Cuteness!

Information from this link note that at Three & a Half Months Old he was named Kodari.  The Sac Zoo website posts "Kodari is the name of a city in Nepal and is one of only two north-south roadways connecting Nepal and Tibet via the Himalayas. Historically, it is the beginning of the trans-Himalayan caravan route that has been referred to as the Nepalese equivalent of the Silk Road, thus has played a culturally significant role in the development of both Nepal and Tibet."  Sadly by Wednesday, he will lose that adorable and appropriate moniker, when per usual, the Zoo will rename him.

Via an article, "S.F. Zoo emeritus board member Barry Lipman and his wife, Marie, pledged $31,000 to secure the naming rights to the panda."

Readers of my blogs know that I am always bothered by the renaming thing.  Unless the Animals also get to keep their original names and those names are used by their Keepers, I am totally against this and find it completely disrespectful.  I also feel that those who bid to do such, have disposable income for such luxuries, and should make the donation to the Animals Care, and do the right thing and allow them to keep their names.  BUT ... THAT never happens.    ... It might actually be an option is the Director presented the "auction" in this such way, but she obviously doesn't.

This all said, regardless of what the Zoo names the little fella, I will call him Kodari.  

You can view more photos of Kodari at Seven Weeks Old :) on the Zoo Borns site:

Kodari will be getting a girlfriend very soon :)  They already have a breeding recommendation, so we can hopefully look forward to Red Panda Cubbies in the future!

5.6.14 Correction to above info.  I was originally told they had a breeding recommendation, but I found out today that is not true.  I did some research last night on Grace, the Female who will be joining Kodari and my preliminary info showed she had given birth at least twice already, possibly 3x.  So, she is done breeding.  Their match-up is for companionship.  She's a bit older so will be his Mrs Robinson ;)  ... She is in quarantine now, so will post about her when she is out! :)  Can't wait to see them together!  I saw him today!  Beyond cuteness!  Stay tuned to my other blog for photos and video links!


  1. Actually I believe that even if the female red panda, Grace, has bred 3 times, she can still breed. Red pandas can breed starting at 18 months, so assuming she had cubs every 1-2 years, Grace may be approximately 5 years old (do you have her exact age?). And if red penda life expectancy is around 10 years, that would mean Grace can still breed for around 2 more times.
    But as of now Kodari, the male, is not sexually mature, being only 10 months old.
    Well anyways, I hope to be able to see them soon!

  2. @ellicruu - Thank you as always for your comment and as always I apologize for not replying sooner. ... I think it is interesting that at first it was rumored that there was a breeding recommendation and that there were special features being added to the inside quarters to accommodate that in the future and then now it pairing is only for companionship. I actually don't have many details on her, but hope to soon. .. Hope you can make it there soon, he is cuteness! She should be out soon as well. And make sure you are there while Lion House is open to see the beyond cuteness that is DT Sloth :)

  3. Grace,, is ten. Nine is the oldest red panda to give birth that I personally know of, but that does not mean it is not possible. And for what it is worth, her two kids have had eight kids. And her grand daughter Scarlett, currently at the Knoxville Zoo, has had another four.

    Also, the San Fran Zoo gets mad when you correct them and call him Kodari on their Facebook, but that does not stop me. Tee hee hee.



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