Sunday, May 25, 2014

Zoo Visit Review - Thursday May 15, 2014

I hate posting out of order, but behind as usual and I had several photos (along with my comments/opinions) from this day to post, so didn't want to make too many individual posts on my other blog because that's not the nature of that blog.  ... Posting in order taken.

Noticed that several of the Cat enclosures had Sand Boxes.  To me, this is a nice addition, especially for the Seniors who get arthritis and this is a soft place to rest.  You can see in this photo, Amanzi is taking advantage of it!  ... Wish the Zoo would have listened to me when I tried to tel them Wishbone needed some soft surfaces.

Renovation underway at Orkney the Gray Seal's former home.  Rumor has it that the new Resident will be a Wolverine.

More new Peccary Babies!  I think there has been Two new litters since the Six born last fall.  These Friends keep providing the Cute, that's for sure!  I think there are Four new little ones :)

This was at Ulu the Polar Bear's home.  I've seen this before and it just seems dumb.  Maybe I'm just not there to see what happens thru the whole melting process, but I've never seen them touched and this one was no different apparently.  At least it could have some flavor on it.  I know they give all the Bears a bit of Honey as a treat, why not squirt some over the ice block?  ... Reminds me of my still not written post about Tiger Cub Jillian's Birthday Party.  I'll bump that and write a bit now that I'm thinking of it.  She had an Ice Cake, that had no flavors added??  UG.

I've written someplace about this before, but I walked by and thought about how long its been since I wrote before and how this exhibit is the only one that still has this sign and you know I have an issue with lack of signage and Visitor misbehavior.  SO, once again SFZoo WHY is this sign only posted at the Sea Lion exhibit?
Sweet Boomer, love him!  Caught Keeper Livia cleaning up at the Walkabout and Boomer was right there supervising! :)

Sheeps were getting weighed today :)  Some got on the scale with ease, some didn't.  Sweet and cooperative! Miss Hermosa hopped right up.  The Sheep are weighed every Three Months, to make sure they are at a healthy weight and adjustments in diet are made accordingly.

Merlin and Gandolf getting ready for their walk :)  The Alpaca's are taken for daily walks to get exercise.  Here they are on their way to be weighed before their walk.

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