Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday May 25, 2014

Have another entry to make today, so check back this evening!

>May 24, 2014 - Zoo Grandbabies!  News from London Zoo, Tiger Cubbies have Names!  The Zoo has thoughtfully named the Three Cubs, whose Papa Jae-Jae is our Skylar/"Leanne"s Son with her former mate Bali.  Cub's Mama Melati was sent to London Zoo from Australia (If I remember right), as a perfect match for Jae-Jae :)  ... View the naming video and see these Beautiful additions to the Sumatran Species!

>May 23, 2014 - I was wrong when I previously posted that there were Three signs at the Red Panda, there are EIGHT!  AND NONE note anything about behavior, especially at the too low windows.  Four Signs are you enter the area and another four inside, including two on the glass.  I was there for less than five minutes and people were knocking on the glass, one kid repeatedly kept backing up and running into the glass, ramming his reflection while his Mother sat there smiling at him. Again why can't we get anti-reflective glass?  Sorry I digressed. SO, SFZoo, Why are there no signs on the glass here or at any of the exhibits stating not to Bang, Rap, Tap, Kick, ect the glass at these Animals Homes?  Been questioning this for years now.

>May 23, 2014 - Female Red Panda in quarantine!  I've known about this for a couple weeks, but haven't had time to fully research her and post.  Her name is Grace and she came from the Boise Zoo. She and her mate Tiki had Two Cubs there, who have now gone on to live at other Zoos.  So, here she will not be breeding, but here for companionship with Kodari/"Tenzing".  So, there will soon be double the cuteness at this new enclosure :)

>May 22, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Erin!

>May 21, 2014 - And it starts already.   Visitors breaching barriers at the new Red Panda enclosure. What is wrong with people?  What is wrong with the Zoo?  Why do they continue to make bad decisions in regard to the barriers at the Animals homes?  When I saw the constructing this exhibit, I thought the height of the glass was too short, then when I got up close, its definitely too short!  Its not even Six ft.  and there is no "stand back" barrier in front of it.   I just don't get it.  ... As well they got about three big colorful signs around the exhibit area and some smaller ones actually on the glass, yet not a one notes anything about barrier behavior.

Note to Visitors:  The view is the same through the glass as it is over the glass.  DUH!  To me when Visitors hang on/over barriers, its like home invasion.  Think about how the Animal feels People. You want People hanging in the windows of your home?  

>May 21, 2014 - Visited the cuteness that is the Sloth :)  When I saw him for the first time last week, one of the Curators was there and I asked if the mixed Species in this enclosure have been done before and he said yes.  I have thought this enclosure was too small to house the Anaconda and Toucan, and now with the Sloth it really seemed cramped to me.  The Toucan is the only one that probably NEEDS the extra space, as he's very active and flight is probably stunted.  Those observations made, while watching them today, the Sloth leaned over as if to say Hi to the Toucan and the Toucan bit him in the Face!  It was awful to see.  Poor Sloth, seems like such a sweet and gentle Animal.  His Face around his Eyes looked a bit red afterward, which I confirmed when I got home by looking at photos from last week and today.  I asked Security to alert the Keeper to this, so I sure hope they are monitoring the situation.

>May 18, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 11th Birthday Tucker!

>May 16, 2014 - Meet New Zoo Friends!  Please view my blog post on my other blog, much cuteness happening at the Zoo!  Toucan - Black Howler Monkey - Sloth

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