Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally! - Catching Up! ... Gorillas - Chimps - Where Have I Been!

Apologies to anyone who has checked back and found nothing new. 
Life happens and I have obviously not been able to post many of my most important posts due to not having time to seek internet outside my house.  My internet at home has been down since before Thanksgiving.  This has actually caused me anxiety, because of the timing.  I hadn't had the time or energy to post consistently over the past year, but because of the nature of the News out of the Zoo in the wake of the Death of Gorilla Kabibe, no matter how little time or energy I had, I made myself do it.  The day I lost internet connection, Friday November 22, I started my morning prepping a post that I thought may be the last on the subject, because it didn't seem like much was changing in regard to anyone being held responsible, but ended up being a catalyst for yet more frustrating and upsetting thoughts, as someone messaged me, asking if I had read "yesterday's sfgate article".  Over the next couple days, I had the opportunity to read two more articles, that of course bothered me as well.  Not having the outlet of posting, has been tough.  So, I plan to in response to each of the articles, even if they are now weeks old and post as I would have as they came in.  I have been able to write the posts in a timely manner, I just haven't been able to dedicate the time away from home to post them until now. 

I think most of what I write will still be relevant or at least to me, worth documenting.  I don't want to jump over things that have been reported and skip to the Zoo's current position on the matter (which at last check made News over Thanksgiving weekend), because with each day of news there was something to make point of.  With all the "issue" posting I've done in the history of my Zoo blogs, there is always a point that I feel needs to be documented.  I do it for the Animals.  So, when a "failure" or "crime" happens, I want things that aren't right at the San Francisco Zoo documented and therefore noted that I tried to bring things to light.

A Friend I've had since childhood recently said something to me that I think is worth sharing.  She had heard many of my Zoo tales over the years.  Following Kabibe's Tragedy in the news, she said, "All the things that you have been saying (about the Zoo and Director Peterson) are finally coming out."   It made me sad.  Sad because I felt like, if people had listened to me, maybe things at the Zoo would be different by now.  Maybe Kabibe would still be alive. 

As someone with a Journalism background, my Friend asked if there were others (meaning members of the Public) who speak out about things.  I said, No.  I mentioned IDA (In Defense of Animals) and noted that I thought they were "close the Zoo" Zealots, a group who doesn't know anything about the Zoo or the Animals that live there.  I do not know of anyone else who goes to the Zoo, that is a voice for the Animals.  I have a handful of Friends and a few blog followers, who share my concerns, and who comment on my blog, but as far as being a voice, I really think on the level I am (a Visitor/non-Staff), I'm it.   She noted that I'm just one person that no one knows, a circumstance that doesn't usually 'get the ear'.

I don't mean to sound pompous or vain, like I could have changed things with my solo voice.  I know there are circumstances to issues, especially with Kabibe's tragedy, that I of course could not have affected, but maybe those with authority above Director Peterson and other in-house Officials, would have taken some sort of charge and been proactive in righting so many wrongs there, instead of turning a blind eye, the effect of that attention would have made a difference in her death.   I do think that if those I have alerted to things, from the Mayor, to Supervisors, to Board Members, Donors, Rec and Park, Joint Zoo Committee Members, Media, the AZA, the USDA, even Members of the Public, all who have heard my voice on at least one issue, if any of those People cared enough to take off the rose colored glasses and get involved with what actually goes on at the Zoo, maybe things would be different.  No one did and a Life had to be Lost for people to start questioning things.    Its Sad and Disgusting.

So, I'm still questioning things.  In fact many that I know still are.  Most of which will probably never be answered.  The posts that will follow will be dated so, if you want to skip ahead you can.  Otherwise I'm going in chronological order, hopefully you will follow along with my thought process and add your own in the comments.    I've got at least two handfuls of posts, at present there will be six on the Gorilla event.  Then three long over due on the Chimps.  I also have many others and I hope to have them all posted over the next couple weeks.

Thank you for continuing to read my blogs, even when life happens and I don't get to post as often as I would like.  You can always be sure of one thing, I am still keeping my eye on what goes on at the Zoo.

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