Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HOT TOPIC! - Top 10 Zoo FAILS of 2014

These are all Fails in regard to Animal Care.  The only bigger Fail is that the Zoo built new areas for both Humans and new Animals, before they successfully tended to the Animals currently living there.

These are only the issues that I can personally witness.

Chimps -  Obviously the lack of attention to their Home is at the top of my list every year.
Please read my recent post:
There are also two immediately following this one, if you are inclined to learn more.

Female Black Rhino -  Still doesn't get oiled regularly.  They wait until she is chalky white and then often slop it on her, often getting it in her eyes, or they just don't do her face.  .. You can search my blog for many notations on this.  It has gotten better but still isn't the best it can be and certainly not in comparison to her Grandson Belozi.  You can see this photo from last week and from her shoulders forward she is getting chalky.

Black Swans - We had, yes had, two Black Swans.  Now one of the Sisters is alone.  The Zoo has screwed around with these poor girls for over two years.  First moving them to the Puente,  from a path they decided to close. Then moving them to the old Grey Seal Pool.  Then back to the Puente.  Then to the big lake where the White Pelicans live.  So much moving, sadly one ended up dying from related circumstances.  Now the surviving one is back at the Puente.  If the Zoo had left these poor girls alone and at the Puente the first time they moved them, both would still be alive.  The Zoo is more concerned about Geographical segregation than keeping the Animals in the best homes for them.   Yes, that is the reason they moved them out of the Puente so many times, because they didn't fit into that area in natures geography.  Ridiculous.

Falcor - Komodo Dragon's home has been void of any vegetation landscaping for over four months.  Read my post here:

Lion House -  No Heat for Six Months!  This one is a two-fer, involving both the Cats and the holding area for the Tropical Building Animals.
My recent post:

Capybara - This poor little guy makes me want to cry.  Crackle is the newest Capybara.  A young male he came to the Zoo to be a companion for a female that has since passed.  They Rheas and Guanacos chase him, so he is always stuck cowering in this same spot.  At one time the Capybara used to spend the day in a side yard, yet that yard is now closed?  and poor Crackle has no choice but to seek refuge in this "creep" space.  He shouldn't be living in fear.
keeping an eye on the enemy


Great Hornbill - Hercules is a huge Bird, he deserves a decent sized home.  He can never really fly as his wing-span is near the same size as the width of his home.
Lear more here:

Polar Bear Grotto B - It was my idea to expand the Polar Bear Grotto, but while taking cue from me on the idea, the Zoo failed in execution of the Meadow.  Building a dirt mound in the center, instead of a flat surface area, Ulu who loves the dirt, is constantly covered in it.  She loves it but the point is, with so much extra and unnecessary dirt, she is never able to get clean.  The entrance to her night quarters is through the "meadow", so even if she goes to the pool to wash off, she must walk through the dirt to get inside.  Then she touches her eyes and they are often caked with dirt and sometimes closed.  The Zoo needs to flatten that mountain and removed all that extra dirt.  If they were smart the meadow would have been in the opposite Grotto, but ,...

Sea Lions - The Sea Lion Pool was "renovated" early in 2014.  It was a big project, with the Sea Lions relocating to the old Grey Seal Pool.   One would think they would have done a good job, considering how long it took.  Yet, the paint on the whole bottom of the Pool began peeling and coming lose soon after it reopened.  Good Grief.  Couldn't they get people who knew what they were doing?  I'm sure the paint that has come loose isn't good for the Sea Lions.

Photo to come

Chickens - So, a box of Six Chickens was left in the Zoo Parking lot.  The story goes as such.  The box was fumbled and they all escaped, fleeing in flight into the Zoo.  After being spotted here and there, an attempt was made to catch them, but it failed.  SO, the Curator in charge allegedly said they didn't care and the Chickens were left to fend for themselves.  OMG!  Unbelievable, that a Curator would actually say/feel this, but hey its the SFZoo and why am I surprised.  As well, one of the Security Guards who I was talking to about this one I saw at Polar Bears said laughing, "oh well, if it flies into the Polar Bears and gets eaten <haha>"

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