Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gorilla Tragedy ... News Article 11.21.14

Written 11.22.14 in reference to a News Article that I can't find the link for.  I know that isn't the best way to present my questions and comments, but, I'm going to do so anyway.  Those who have followed the story will be able to figure it out. ...

The article noted that the night quarter doors (where the accident happened) were of USDA compliance ... ??  What do they look for?  Did they know of other injuries?  Previous article mentioned broken doors, stuck and chained?  How often is routinely?  They last came in January and this is Novemeber, thats not routinely?  Why are these questions not asked and answered?  Again no one quesitons Director Peterson.  

That said I contacted the USDA in regard to an Animal health issue and they never responded, so I don't put much faith in the USDA or the AZA (who I've also contacted) for that matter.

Peterson notes 'nothing gave me reason to believe anything was wrong'  ???   ...  Again, what about the reports dating back to 2010 of injuries?  Were they actual reports?  Or just as noted, notations in the log book?  Was Hasani and Monifa seen by the Vet for their injuries?  Where is the documentation for that?   Are reports and documentation being hidden?  If so, who's hiding them?   I know there is information gag orders all about that place, Animal medical information allegedly tainted with cover-up information, but I digress, as thats another subject.  Regardless of whether they are official documents, notations in the log book, whatever, she is President of a Facility where Animal Care is or at least should be the top issue, and she doesn't know anything about them?   Either she's not being forth coming about that, or as I've said before, she just doesn't care.

If anyone has a link to Director Peterson's "guest" Chronical Editorial, please post it in the comments.  

Again this article notes that "you can't see what all the Gorillas are doing".   How could someone even perform this job knowing this.   Do they just cross their fingers and hit the button?   It actually makes me feel sick.

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