Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gorilla Tragedy Wrap-Up - Why No One Apparently Cares

So, now that all is said and done one the subject of the Gorilla Tragedy, I think its a good idea to evaluate further why this happened.

The Zoo Staff is made up with too many people who just don't care.  Who think its just a job.  This is a job where almost every decision made is connected to the Animals that live there.   Their life, their safety, their environment, and the respect they deserve.  I have written endlessly about all, so will try to keep on the topic of this post.

The off site "Officials" who are or should be watching over (checks and balances) what the in house Officials are doing, include the San Francisco Zoological Society and the San Francisco Recreation and Park.

I meant to post these when I first saw them as I was appalled.  Maybe a greater power held me off from posting them directly after the 2014 ZooFest.  Maybe they will make a bigger statement in the wake of this Tragedy and my maintain that the Zoological Society Members and Zoo Donors have no real care about Animals.

I have written that there is no checks and balance s from the “governing board” of the Zoo, the Zoological Society.  I have written that the make-up of these people are not those that are true Animal people.  I would wager that none of these people are even regular Zoo Visitors or even go to the Zoo once a year if that, other than when theres a cocktail party.

One of my main issues is Animal name changing and Donors just write checks without questioning about the Animals as individuals, therefore giving money to change their given names, instead of just contributing to their care.   There was also one Donor who I believe is also a Society Member, who donated a Million Dollars at a ZooFest years back, allegedly with no stipulation on how it was to be used.  I just wish that those who have the luxury of helping these Animals, took a better look and participation when donating.

That all said, and I’m sure there’s more but my brain is about to burst on the subject of non-caring that goes on at the Zoo,  check out these screen caps I saved from the News Article about last years annual ZooFest Fundraiser. ... Who wears Fur to a Zoo Fundraiser?  These people do!  WTF?  And these are just the ones who got in photos.  Disgusting.  There is no disputing these are not Animal Compassionate people.  Yes, I admit it, I'm profiling.  I just don't think this is a group who wears faux.  

Additionally I want to note that it is not surprising that the Rec and Park doesn't care enough to check or question anything the Zoo does further than surface things at the Joint Zoo Committee Meetings, for which they take Director Tanya Peterson and other in house Zoo Officials at their word.

I am active in the issues surrounding my Park Friends as well and have corresponded with the Park Manager, so I know there is a lack of care in regards to safety issues for the Animals who call the Park home.   ... Not as direct a threat to Waterfowl and Wildlife Safety as other issues I have approached the Park about, but trash is a big deal in certain areas.  I have seen the same pile of trash sometimes for weeks, even though I've alerted them a need for pick-up.   It amazes me the lack of care that comes down from General Manager Phil Ginsburg because allegedly the man makes a call if the Gardening Staff doesn't keep his morning run route clean.

With such non-caring people as our Director, the Zoological Society Members, Recreation and Park Officials, how is the San Francisco Zoo ever going to be run right and be all that it can be?

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  1. wow,you covered everything I could have ever thought to bring up. I must say,you are right in all you say,I have seen this also. It is sickening from the tragedies,name changes and fur wearing that cocktail parties and whos who is priority, Thank you so much for all you do to bring this to the forefront


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