Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gorilla Tragedy - Survey Comments

UPDATE 1.31.15

I finally have internet at home again, starting right now.  First thing I wanted to do was note here that I haven't forgotten this and appreciate all the comments that were left on the survey.  Right now, the situation with the Chimps is primary for me because its time sensitive.  As soon as I have all up that I want to do for the Chimps i will get back to this.  Thank you.

Written 11.23.14

While at a Friends house, I glanced at how my Survey about the Gorilla Tragedy was doing.   I had some great comments posted, that I thought should be shared.  Like with the Survey, I have noted in the past to please expand the comments on interested posts, as there is often additional information provided by readers.

I'm going to post the Survey questions along with the comments, as well what my comments would be, as the Survey doesn't provide for any follow up to comments. 

(Hopefully today, but since I have so many posts that I feel I've not done in a time sensitive manner, I'm going to put the cut and paste that this one requires on hold for the moment.  Check back!)

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