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Gorilla Tragedy - News Article 11.26.14 & 11.27.14

Written 11.27.14  

In reference to 11.26.14 News Article:
and the one the following day.  I can't find the link, but I have a screen photo I took for reference.

After reading both post investigation reports, the whole thing just makes my head spin.  As the title suggests, I have to say, No Shit the doors will be altered.  This was bigger news than the April 2014 Safety investigation.  Whether or not much else will be changed, I guess is a wait and see.  Public probably won’t hear about any pitfalls until another Animal or Human, loses their life.

This article is laden with he said, she said, and contradictions.  There is so much double talk that comes out of the Zoo, no wonder most people have a hard time keeping up.  They may just be how the Zoo Officials get away with so much.

I have read that Keepers maintain that this Tragedy happened because Zoo Officials and Management failed to listen to them about the faulty doors and shifting issues.  That said, the most important statement to highlight is:

>”Maple said in his report, “Keepers agreed that mechanical failure was not the cause” of the accident that killed Kabibe.”<

In this they are agreeing that faulty doors were not the issue.  That leaves the obvious, that the Keeper could not see the Gorillas while operating the door and original reports of hands and eyes not on the door are accurate.  This without doubt lays blame, accidental or not on the Director, Curators and Keepers.  All committing a negligence.

For one, again, Maples states something he should have noted during his first tenure as an “expert in residence”.  … 
But the panel is behind a metal screen and a plastic wall, and the operator’s view is “partially obstructed by metal poles, which makes it difficult to monitor all of the gorillas simultaneously,” Maple said in his report.

>”The zoo will also require that two keepers be present while the apes are moved from their daytime exhibit into their night quarters. Management put the policy, known as a buddy system, into place the day after Kabibe was crushed.”<

This was allegedly supposed to be a protocol in place even prior to the accident.  SO Who’s fault is it that it was not in action?  The Director?  The Curators?

Also mentioned is the AZA.  This is not the first time an Animal in an AZA facility has been injured or died from door safety.  This issue dates backs years and the AZA should have made mandatory guideline changes at that time.  It disgusts me that governing groups such as the AZA and SFZOO don’t make changes unless there’s a Tragedy or they are forced to. 

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  1. I couldnt agree with you more. All those persons are to blame. I dont understand why the zoo always seems to wait for a tragedy to happen. I even wonder now if they have corrected this.


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