Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HOT TOPIC! - Komodo Dragon Lives in Barren Dirt Pit

I had been pissed for months about the state of Falcor the Komodo Dragon's Home.  I was really enraged when I went to Zoo Lights and saw that the outside of the exhibit was fancied up with Christmas Lights, while the Komodo Dragon himself sit in a barren pit.  The gall of the Zoo is shouldn't, but continues to surprise me.  

Just another Disrespect of Animals by Zoo Management.  

As I said, this has really bothered me for months and I was hoping since I brought it up to someone there, that the situation would change, but it hasn't.  At this point its been at least four months (and I'm being generous because I've lost track) that Falcor has had not one bit of greenery in his home.  This is not only Disrespectful, its possibly (I haven't researched it yet) an improper environment.  

When Falcor arrived he was the "favorite son".  He got a fancy new enclosure with tons of greenery.  Hoopla ensued, Komodo Dragon this, Komodo Dragon that.  

First they disrespect him by changing his name, a name that his previous home, the Memphis Zoo where he was born (hatched) told me he responded to.  At near two years old when he arrived at the SFZoo, he was given the name Falcor soon after hatching.  Named after the Dragon in the movie The Neverending Story,  some dumb donor tried to be "native" I guess, using the word Bahasa which means Language, literally the word Language in Indonesian, but then also had to be an ass by adding in Big Daddy.  SO the poor little guy was disrespected with the name Big Daddy Language, and par for the course, Zoo Officials could care less what anyone names an Animal as long as the check clears.  Now the poor guy has been here over a year, and he sits in a home that is barren of any vegetation.   The statue outside has more landscaping than he does.  

Poor Falcor just sits and stares out at green. 

I hear there was a change in Curators (from the one I talked to) for this string of Animals.  I don't know who the new person is, but I can say this, the guy straight off isn't doing his job.  If this new guy can come in and not see that this is a problem that should be a priority to fix, then he isn't qualified for this job.

Falcor is also quickly outgrowing this habitat and plans for his new home that were supposed to be in motion soon after his arrival, to be started for a move-in within two years, have been back burnered because of all the other new additions to the Zoo's collection.

I guess everyone is too busy building 2nd and 3rd tree houses for the Red Pandas who continue to be the "favorite sons", literally since only the male Kodari who they renamed (Tenzing) is the only one to get any fanfare.  The male has a sign with his new name, while the female Grace doesn't doesn't have a sign.  I'll also note that Grace, who is over ten years old, had her name ripped from her as well.  Kodari also got a Birthday party, and Grace didn't.   

Falcor is one of my fav Zoo Friends.  I love this guy and feel awful that like too many others, he has been disresepected and slighted.  Its Sad, Disgraceful and downright Embarassing.

San Francisco Zoo, get this poor guy some greenery!  Give him a proper environment and get started on his new home.   Stop bringing in more Animals and take care of the ones you have.

I got no problem with the Zoo prioritizing building homes for Animals in need of Rescuing. My issue is, bringing in more Animals just to grow the Collection and/or try to pull in extra gate sales by doing so, is a Fail unless you take care of the ones you've already committed to giving a home to.

Please view my video taken a couple weeks ago
that shows the whole habitat.

Also, one taken shortly after his arrival

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  1. I was absolutely shocked to see that Falcor has absolutely no greenery whatsoever. They had Christmas light outside his area, not a single piece of greenery in his enclosure. Poor guy sits on hard dry grey dirt. These animals in the wild live in lush plant life. Again, more disrespect and also plain laziness.


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