Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breaching Barriers Continues - Ski Week Stupidity

Much like the Zoo's Lunar Event, and the Day following it, the Zoo does not hire enough Security to patrol the grounds not only on a daily basis, but on days they know will be extra busy.  Sadly, some Staff have even said to my friend Lee and I, that they count us as Security.  The day after the Lunar Event it was packed and not only was there not enough Security ( allegedly two total, of whom are directed to mostly patrol the parking lot and entrance, unless they are called elsewhere), but the Chimps didn't have the extra barriers in front of them like what is put out on free day.  Again, these Chimps, are particular targets for Visitor Abuse and with their aging, they need the extra protection.

A common occurrence (seen here @Chmps) kids chasing the free roaming Peacocks.  Sadly most of the time they are encouraged to do so by the Parents who think its funny to document this terrorizing in photos.   Often times they also try to pull out their feathers.  Aren't Humans wonderful?   The chasing also happens with the Gulls, Pigeons and Squirrels.  Some of which most would think who cares, but note that they all have souls and the old saying goes, "Do unto others as you would want done unto you."   Remember people, Act with Empathy.

The Zoo has still failed to put up proper signage at ALL exhibits, in regards to how to behave at Animal Enclosures (their Homes), including the most dire (for the Animals, who will lose their lives if they do a natural attack on an intruder) keeping the hell off the barriers!  Good Grief people, What's Wrong With you?  This is directed at both the Zoo Management, who should have more signs (and not ones the size of an index card like at Rhinos) and the jerks who continue to think its ok behavior to hang over and stand on barriers.  They are barriers, do you know what that means?  Keep the hell off them! 

 @Sea Lions

this was only moments after another family 
had their kids legs completely daggling over.

Would the photo be worth it if she fell in
and the Mandrill attacked her?
Not to mention the Animals don't need to see 
Humans faces hanging into their homes.

 @Black Rhinos
Not one but two!  That's nice, lose your 
whole family by accidentally dropping both kids in.
Think it can't happen, tell that to the
gal in Pittsburgh who did just that.
This happening a foot from the tiny sign that
the Zoo put up after I blogged about this the last time.

 Both these pix @Anteater
Poor Angelo's home continues to 
be breached on a daily basis
and the Zoo Management doesn't care.

Stupid behavior comes with Stupid comments.  I hear them every Visit, but these were the prizes last week during Ski/Snow Week (no school for fools!)

@Polars Bears -  "I didn't know they had Polar Bears in Canada, cool!"  ... Seriously, what planet are people on?

@Family Farm - "I bet that Sheep wishes he had Horns in the back of his head for when Lions sneak up." ... Yea for all those Sheep on the Savannah lol!

@Train - Mother hearing the Sea Lions says to her kid:  "What's that?  Is that an Elephant?"

All you got to do is listen, there are some doozys out there and these people are serious!

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  1. I think alot of this goes together in that the people that make the assenine commentary are the inane risk takers with the barriers. I will occasionally read of some incident on an African photo safari where the biggest (girth wise and mouth wise) and most ignorant loud mouth will do something that puts everyone at risk. Sometimes I wish some people would just stay at home where the "danger" is mitigated for them.

    1. @Michael Groob- Thank you for your comment. I do see the example you have given. In my experience these also tend to be the peole who think they are "funny". They try to illicit attention with humour? I also see people, who clearly have no sense. Who have a sinister mind. Who are just plan Aholes. Our Society has become over-run with all these types and YES life would be more pleasant for all of us (the Animals primarily) if they never left the house.

  2. I am sickened by the lack of barrier security not being addressed. I don't worry for the dumb ass that falls in, I worry because the animal will suffer for it. It does appear to me that the more ignorant a person is, the louder they seem to sound. I have noticed an increase of the chasing of the peacocks lately. With kids parents thinking this is cool, it tells me society is only getting a lot worse. I feel these days that my zoo visits are kinda like a job now. I feel that by me being there at least one day a week, animals will be safer from humans. We seem to be in a monkey see,monkey do society and when one person jumps a barrier, others see and think its fine also. It irks me when people hold a one year old over a barrier to see an animal it will not remember and can't even focus on at that early age. You put the child and the animal in danger. The zoo has a graphics department so they need to get cracking on making some permanent signage regarding breeching barriers. What do they do all day? Oh, and another thing that bothers me are the kids with sticks. I have actually seen families coming in with sticks. Coyote Point has a garbage can at their entrance stating, leave your sticks here.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I agree on everything. YES humans are getting more stupid and more sinister. Thing is society always protects them, and same thing at the Zoo, even though its a place where Animals live and are supposed to be kept safe. I have another blog post about this issue so I won't ramble here, but bottom line is keep with the times. Barriers need to reflect the mentality of those its there to KEEP OUT! ... and the stick thing, drives me insane. and the Zoo now provides sticks in the Nature area at Churros. UG.


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