Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy One Month Birthday! - Tiger Cub is Four Weeks Old

As time passes by, my friends and I anxiously await the time when we will get to see Leanne and Taymor's Cub!  I saw her first litter at six weeks old, so hopefully soon!  More about the Cubs birth, its Parents and a link to photos from Leanne's first litter:

Until then, we keep and eye on the Grotto and watch the Cub (who we call little Padang) grow via photos the Zoo posts to their Facebook page.  Visitors who don't view Facebook, see this and other "flyers" posted to the Grotto windows.

We also wish there Zoo would catch up with times and do some webcam broadcasting on their website OR even live at the Zoo.  When Hasani (Gorilla) was a baby, they had a big screen monitor set-up outside the Gorillas where you could view behind the scenes of him before he was out on exhibit.   From the webcam screen captures the Zoo has been posting of the Tiger Cub, we know there is a camera focused on them in the nest box.  So, why can't there be the same set-up outside the Lion House?


  1. Happy Birthday little Padang!!! Congrats to Taymore and Leanne!!! Leanne was an awesome mommy before so I know she's an awesome mommy to this new little one. It would be nice if the zoo would step up to the times and do a webcam.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. The only reason this Cub will do well is because of how awesome Leanne is. Yea woudl be nice if the Zoo did alot of things lol.

  2. How exciting! Congrats all the way around for bringing in this new and precious life into the world. Good luck, little Padang, I hope you have a long and healthy life!

    The zoo is probably nervous about setting up a webcam given their past history.

    1. @hazel- Thank you for your comment. Just like with the triplet cublets, I too look forward to following little Padangs life journey :) ... Of course they are nervous, because they don't want anyone witnessing anything questionable. When things are on the up and up, there is no reason to be nervous.


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