Sunday, March 10, 2013

San Francisco Zoo Connecting People With Wildlife

The Zoo's Mission statement includes, 
"to connect people with wildlife."
I'd say they are doing a great job! 


I usually don't go to the Zoo on the weekend anymore, but I was out and about yesterday and went by to see my Barnyard Friends.  The Zoo was packed and so I decided to go round to some of the trouble spots (where there is the most misbehaving going on)  and snaps some photos.  I of course have quite a collection,  it was a banner day at the Hippo and Rhinos.  Much of the same I have posted in the past "Breaching Barriers" posts, so instead of a string of repeated offenses, I decided to choose just the one above.  

I will relay that the one pic I didn't get was the best example.  A mother holding her infant dangling over the exhibit yelling, "Here Rhino!"   Unbelievable.  Well not really.

So much wrong with these people, so much wrong with the Zoo for allowing this without any effort for deterring this behavior.  I've made many suggestions via this blog, which I know they read, yet the only thing they have done at any of these exhibits is put a few small signs along the Black Rhino barrier that are the size of a large index card.  Yet this sign is full sized, in color and with a photo!

Another example of how the San Francisco Zoo prioritizes stuff.  There continues to be major barrier issues at the Anteater, the Rhinos, the Hippo, the Mandrills, to name a pawful.  Apparently the obnoxious intrusion into the Animals home isn't a "Wellness" concern, nor is the possibility of a stupid Human dropping their kid into an Animal exhibit.  Yet, the possibility of someones Hot Dog getting stolen, big deal.  

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  1. The zoo likes bad publicity instead of no publicity at all I guess. They seem to want bad things to happen. The barriers not being taken care of is a disaster waiting to happen and they know about this. The horrible part of all this is that the animals suffer. This also seems to be happening more and more and to a more serious degree. The zoo has a graphics department that doesnt do a damn thing except warn people about a hot dog thieft from a gull. Security patrols the parking lot which has never been an issue because they probably were told not to upset a visitor by telling them to behave. What kind of example do parents set by misbehaving themselves? The sad thing is that they hand toddlers over the barriers to see something they are too young to remember anyway. I could go on and on with this subject, it's disgusting that the zoo turns a blind eye.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I echo everything you said. The main reason I blog about this is because the Zoo Management (Director) does know. I want it documented. They not only read my blog, but I know for a fact that they have been told by Staffers, in addition to other Visitors who have reported misbehavior, as well the times Security does see this and stops it. Thing is like other stuff they just don't care. Well, they will care when some idiot drops their kid into an exhibit. Sadly, it will be the animal who suffers. ... Also I know for a fact that Security was told not to tell people to behave enmasse. Example, if Security see's a handful of people misbehaving, they can't say out loud not to do such and such. They have to go up to each individual person and tell them not to. Ridiculous. Why give offenders the courtesy if they aren't being courteous?

  2. I wonder how many lawsuits it will take before the zoo finally takes some real action in keeping the animals safe.

    I don't know what it is about the "Graphics" department and the zoo - why can't they make up some quick and inexpensive signage about this?

    1. @hazel- Thank you for your comment. Your questions are valid. In regards to lawsuits,has ther been more than thost associated with the Tiger event? Even those were bullshit. The Zoo buckled to societal crap instead of standing up for them selves and saying those delinquent kids taunted that animal into a frenzy. ANd signage, shit the Churro's have been up at the old Reindeeer area for two months and there is stil no sign. If I was in charge of the Zoo I'd clean-up that payroll with all the dead weight.


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