Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Unruliness - Chimps a Constant Target

With Spring Break week coming to a close and Easter Weekend upon us, I must post again about the lack of control of Visitors the Zoo has.  After today, I will have been to the Zoo four times this week.  Its been crowded and as usual Visitors misbehaving all over the place.  There has been the typical and expected barrier breaching, but the thing that bothered me most was the lack of protection provided for the Chimps.  

In previous posts about this I have noted that the use of the Police style barricades that they use on Free Day should be up at other times as well.  Frankly I think at the Chimps age and tendency to get upset easily, they should be up everyday, but definitely on expected busy days like weekends, holidays (school ones included) and events.  

As I approached Chimps on Tuesday, there was a huge crowd that included Security and Zoo Staff.  My eyes immediately went to the Animals and Cobby was visibly upset.  I don't know the specifics but was told items were thrown out of the enclosure.  This only happens when a Visitor upsets them.  

If the Police barriers were up that would help in creating a distance that doesn't feel as threatening to the Chimps as the current distance.  

If there was more signage about behavior not only at the Chimps (who are a constant target), but at the front and around the Zoo, some of this misbehavior could be deterred.

This is a view of the Chimp area.  Most Visitors approach this area at the beginning of their visit from the direction I've taken this photo.  The only "shoosh" sign in the whole area is the one at the far end where I've placed the arrow.  There is a Respect the Animals sign to the far right but its so far over it didn't even fit in the photo.  Yes, not many pay attention to the signs, but the size and amount that are out there are not enough, especially at the hot spot that the Chimps are.

Also when this happens and a crowd has formed, why isn't the area cleared?  or at the very least Visitors asked to step back?

I have posted about this before, so the Zoo is aware and I must assume they just don't care.  I have heard that  allegedly Visitors complain they aren't "close" enough with the use of these barriers.  Excuse me San Francisco Zoo isn't the protection and "Wellness" of the Animals a priority?


  1. The barrier thing greatly upsets me. The zoo is ignorant and just a target for another lawsuit. The chimps have been disrespected a long time. They are older and any commotion could cause a health issue for any one of them. Cobby only throws things when thing get out of hand. He is a very precious guy who only wants to sit in the sun and watch the "nice" people go by. Ignorant hillbillies and unruly kids that have parents that don't "parent" ohh ohh aww aww when they actually are the ones that should be on display. the signs again show how the zoo doesnt want to "offend" visitors by not putting the signs right out in the open where they should be. Well, to hell with the jackasses that continue to makes noises and act up in front of the chimps and other animals. These arent even people who are members or will ever come back. They are merely those that came on free day, or got a gift from someone, or this is a vacation and it's the first and last time they will visit. Get tough SF ZOO!!! stand your ground and protect the magnificent animals that are housed there.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I agree with everything you said. Sadly the Zoo Management doesn't put value in these incidents and certainly doesn't take our word for it. Bottome line is they have no empathy for the Animals and certain ones like the Chimps mean little to them or they would bend over backwards as the saying goes, to do what it takes to protect them.


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