Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tiger Cub Cuteness! - On View Update :)

Yesterday (Friday 3.22.13) we were lucky enough to be at the Zoo when they had the first open (Lion) House since the Sumatran Tiger Cub was born on February 10th.   I have been anxiously waiting to see the new addition, an unnamed female I call little Padang (in honor of her Auntie who passed away last Spring).  I learned last week that she will actually be named by auction, so sadly she will probably end up being named after a local athlete instead of something thoughtful with meaning.  Make me wrong Donors!

Anyway, the moment I heard we would be able to go in the Lion House with the slightest of chance at being part of the first public viewing, I literally thought the stars had aligned and could almost hear music :)  Turns out little Padang was napping with her Mama in the nest box the whole hour the LH was open.  No worries because she was viewable on the monitor via live feed from inside the nest box.  

I'm just happy they made this available.  I wish they had it outside so even when the Lion House is not open, Visitors can see her.  They did this when Hasani (Gorilla) was little.  ... Having it online would really rock.  SFZoo, show us you can rock!

Not being able to wait to see the major cuteness that this little one will be, I went back today.  She didn't make an appearance, but still worth it to watch the feed when she did move about :)   I captured some cute clips and made a couple videos, a one minute version and a full length four minute version.   The Zoo has yet to post video so I think this is the first footage of her made public :)  Enjoy!

One Minute Version

Full Length Version

More Still Cuteness!
(hard to see face, because of glare
but look at that tummy!)


  1. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeyond precious!!!! I do hope that the donors think about the name. They can always say "named by......." and then give it a proper Sumatran name. I will always call her Little Padang. Leanne is an awesome mommy so this cute little girl is a lucky little one with that cute tummy. She seems to be in looks a mix between both parents. Hi Little One!!!!

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I KNOW!!! :) She is precious! I will always call her Little Padang too :) ... There are better ways to get monetary support than to let Donors get free reign with names. Giving guidelines or having the auction be right to sponsorship.


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