Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Cublets! - Tiger Trio Born at SFZoo Turns 5!

March 6, 2008, current new mother Sumatran Tiger Leanne/Skylar gave birth to her first litter of cubs with father Bali/George.  

Happy Birthday 

Hope you boys are loving life!  
I miss you!

The three male cubs were named by the keepers and lived at the San Francisco Zoo, where they were born, until they were alittle over a year old.  You can view some of my fav fotos from my own archive

All three then moved together to the Akron Zoo for their new Tiger exhibit.  I was given some wonderful photos by the Staff at the Akron Zoo to put on my first Zoo blog, please take a look, they are beautiful!

The boys have since moved on to other Zoo's starting a journey that will eventually lead them to meeting their selected mates as part of the SSP (Species Survival Plan).   Burung and Kami-Sambol moved together to the Montgomery Zoo at the end of 2010.   Information I have indicates they are both still there, but I'm trying to get an update.   Jae-Jae moved to the London Zoo in October of 2012. 

You can keep up with them via Social Media sites.

The London Zoo posted this update on Jae-Jae last week, as he met his new girlfriend Melati for the first time :)

Montgomery Zoo was in the news last year when Kami-Sambol made a Super Bowl prediction.


  1. I loved being part of first knowing these adorable boys. They were fun to watch and I miss them a lot. Leanne is an awesome tiger and she was the best mom in the world to them. Happy Birthday boys, and may you have many many many many many more birthdays to come!!!!

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. Yet another that got by me! I'm sure there wil be more. Apologies. ... They were fun and I miss them but love that technology allows us to follow their journey.

  2. Hi! I live in Birmingham and make frequent trips down to the Montgomery Zoo. Next time I go, I'll be happy to update you!! Also, if I can email you, I have pictures of Kami and Burung from January last year!

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you for your comment and offer! I would love to get your updates and see your photos! Please contact me thru the "who i am" link on the top left column and i will get back to you with my direct email address. Wonderful that you get to see the boys! They were a joy to watch grow and one of the reasons I started visiting more and learning more about the Animals as individuals. Thankx again!


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