Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tiger Cub Relatives - Big Cat Families :)

I have written posts about Family members of my Zoo friends, as I have done not only Family Tree's on many of the Zoo friends, but follow them online when possible.   This started when former Lion House Keeper Barb shared her Tiger Studbooks with me and from then on I found others online for many Animals, including Bears, Gorillas, Chimps, and Rhinos.

Today I share with you three Big Cats Cubs that are related to those that live at the San Francisco Zoo.  I've mentioned them before but these are new links and if you have been enjoying "Little Padang" (SFZoo Sumatran Tiger Cub) then you will enjoy these cuties!

First, and regardless that this is not her name, this is what I call her and its better than what the Zoo calls her which is "the cub".  Moving on, so "Little Padang"s Father Taymor (Larry by Zoo renaming) was born at the Sacramento Zoo.  His Parents, Castro and Bahagia welcomed a singleton Cub on March 3!  So "Little Padang" has an Uncle a few weeks younger than her :)   You can follow CJ's (the Cub) progress via their FB page as well their blog, which has photos and an embedded video of the Cub's latest exam :)


Leanne (for the sake of what people have come to know her as, yet her real name is Skylar) had a litter of  three Cubs in 2008 with Bali (who recently passed away while living at Point Definace Zoo).  Those boys have gone onto other Zoo's, (a couple twice moved) on their journey to meet their recommended breeding partners.   Jae-Jae is living at the London Zoo (I've posted a previous update on this blog), where they have just opened their new exhibit Tiger Territory.   You can check in an view Jae-Jae and his girlfriend Melati on the live webcam on their site.


Also the subject of another recent post, the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, recently welcomed a litter of five Lion Cubs, born to Mother Mfisha and Father Big.  Mfisha is the Daughter of SFZoo Lioness Sukari.  Big is the Brother of SFZoo Lioness Amanzi.   HDZ posted this video clip of Mama and Cubs this morning :)


  1. Incredible to have this information. Leanne's boys will do wonderfully just as she did. I miss my Georgie (bali)..... I am smiling at Sukari's grandkids and Monzo's (amanzi's) relationship with Sukari. Our lions at SF ZOO are awesome and so are the wonderful Tigers. I hope that the name Little Padang sticks!!!

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment and appreciation of this information. I think its pretty cool that its available to follow :) ... The relationship between Sukari and Amanzi is wonderful.. I am so happy Amanzi welcomed Sukari. .. I miss Georgie too :( He lives on in his boys with Leanne and his son Bima with Jaya.


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