Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Maroudi! - Nigerian Dwarf Goat Birthday

Maroudi celebrated her Birthday on March 5!

Happy Birthday Maroudi!

I found out it had been my Precious little Barnyard Friends Birthday when I visited today.  I felt awful and still do that I didn't know and wasn't there for her "party"!  Her Keeper Amber and the Volunteers made her a yummy Goat treat Cake and had the other Staff and Visitors around to sing her Happy Birthday :)   The Barnyard Keepers are wonderful about making sure to celebrate the Friends Birthdays.  I thank them for that because celebrating these awesome Animals on their special day is important to me.   

I felt so awful that Keeper Irene sang with me our own Happy Birthday to Sweet Miss Maroudi today and she seemed to be listening as she even smiled afterward :)   I love you little girl!

You can visit Maroudi, her family (sons Milky Way and Snickers & half-siblings Paprika, Nutmeg and Basil) and friends at the Family Farm in the Children's Zoo.


  1. Happy birthday little one. maroudi you make me smile. You r a precious sweetheart with your lttle footie always greeting everyone. I love you and will give you a birthday kiss Monday. I wish you many many many more birthdays to come.

  2. @ler (Lee)- Thank you for your comment! I second it all!


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